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03 July 2007 @ 05:13 pm
Hands: Ch9: Window  
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Hands, Chapter Nine: Window
Characters/Pairing: Ron/Luna
Prompt: 319: Window
Word Count: 1493
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Hands are the window to the soul.

Chapter Nine: Window

Ronald Weasley and his wife, Luna Weasley, had been in Sweden for a total of five days, and so far, the only sight they had seen was the one outside their window. They would be leaving soon, and ultimately they would not be able to visit any historical landmarks or experience the local culture, but his only thought on the matter was: who cared about Sweden when Luna was naked?

He knew this was an immature thought, and he had a feeling that someone would say he was no better than a hormonal teenager, but Luna made him feel like a hormonal teenager and he quite liked the feeling–so why bother contradicting it?

As his wife snuggled closer to him in an attempt to escape the tendrils of morning cold lingering around the room, she said  “Do you think we can go crumpled-horned snorkack watching today? It’s mating season for them, and I think there’s a good chance we could get a picture . . . .”

He sighed, a little reluctant to spend hours in the snow looking for a (nearly) nonexistent creature, when it was much more enjoyable to stay in the bed.

As if she could hear his thoughts, she continued. “It would only take a few hours, and then we could come back.”

With the promise of returning soon, he swung his feet to the floor and began to get dressed– the quicker they got out there, the quicker they could return.

* * *

A chilly wind nipped at his face and he quickly reapplied a Warming charm (surreptitiously aiming one in Luna’s direction as well because her lips were looking a little blue). Checking his watch, he noticed that they had been there for nearly an hour, and so far, they had seen nothing but the snow covered landscape.

They were sitting on a fallen log, the camera sitting on his lap, while Luna’s expert eyes peered ceaselessly at the trees in front of them. He watched her, as she watched for a crumpled-horned snorkack.

Her lips, he noticed, were looking a little less blue (they were pink, like her cheeks) and she wasn’t wearing any earrings. Her neck looked plain without the added decoration and the simple view of her skin was enticing.   

He licked his lips, and leaned his face closer to hers, letting his warm breath tickle her skin, before closing the distance and kissing her cheek. Her skin was surprisingly warm, while his lips were cold, and almost as if he was trying to warm them, he moved his mouth to her jaw and kissed her again. Moving down, his lips scraped against her smooth skin, and he pressed a kiss to her neck, where a raddish earring should have been dangling . . . .

“Ronald!” she said suddenly, causing him to jump and accidentally knock the camera off his lap. “There’s one! Take a picture, quick!”

Ron fumbled around in the snow, trying to grab the camera and brush the snow from the lens. By the time he brought it to his eye, whirling it around wildly to find the subject, the crumpled-horned snorkack was gone. And he didn’t even get to see it.

He brought the camera down and smiled guiltily. “Sorry . . . .”

She shrugged. “Oh, well. There’s always next year,” she said. “Back to the room, then?”

He tried not to look so happy, and it took him a moment to appreciate that Luna was trying not to look so happy too.

* * *

They left two days later. Harry had been house-sitting for them while they were gone, and they found him and Hermione in the living room playing chess when they arrived home. Taking a look at the board, Ron shook his head sadly. “You’ll never beat her,” he told Harry.

Harry slumped down in his chair, mumbling, “Well, you can’t blame a man for trying.”

Hermione simply smiled in satisfaction. “How was the honeymoon?” she asked.

Ron shrugged.

“It was wonderful,” said Luna, automatically launching into the reverie of their crumpled-horned snorkack watching, noting how she was disappointed about not acquiring a picture, but happy, nonetheless, that she had been able to see one. “It was only a shame that Ronald didn’t get to see it. Perhaps if he hadn’t been so interested in kissing my neck . . . .” Her voice trailed off, as she noticed Ron’s reddening ears. “I’ve embarrassed you haven’t I? Should I not mention that we–”

Hermione coughed. “Mrs. Weasley was wondering if you’d come to dinner tonight, if you’re not too tired from traveling. We’re supposed to be there in a couple of hours. I think she said Bill and Fleur are going to be there.”

* * *

When they arrived at the Burrow, a couple of hours later, Mrs. Weasley swopped down upon them, giving them both large hugs, congratulating them once again on their marriage. “I was worried you’d be too tired after your trip. Portkey can be tiring after such a long distance.”

“I’m not tired at all,” said Luna, “we spent most of the week in bed anyway . . . .”

Ron ignored the sly smile on his mother’s face and focused his attention on the table. “Dinner ready?”

Dinner was, in fact, ready, and Ron wasted no time in beginning to eat. The others followed suit, but Mrs. Weasley’s keen eyes kept glancing in Ron and Luna’s direction, her mind all ready picturing her future grandchildren.

It was later, after dinner was eaten and they retired to the living room, when Luna began a game with Bill and Fleur’s baby daughter. Luna was pulling her face in ridiculous and childish positions, making the small baby giggle with delight, and when she giggled, Luna would giggle.

“You’re very good with her,” said Fleur, with a fond smile. “It’s only a matter of time before you get your own little baby too, I suppose.”

“Yes, I’d imagine,” replied Luna thoughtfully. “In fact, with all the time we spent in bed, I suppose I should have used a stronger contraceptive charm, because I could actually be pregnant now, and I probably should have checked that before we left.”

Ron choked on his tea and spluttered for a few good seconds, before the word “Pregnant?” squeaked out of his mouth.

“I was going to mention it before we left for dinner, but I must have gotten a wrackspurt because I forgot to mention it . . .” She turned to Fleur who was sitting next to her with an amused smirk. “Do you happen to know the spell to find out if you’re pregnant or not?”

“Yes, I do actually. Would you like to do it now? I’m sure Molly would love to help . . . .”

After hearing Luna’ predicament, Molly quickly ushered her up the stairs, followed by an excited Fleur and a curious Ginny. Hermione stayed in her chair, reading a book. There was a few moments of silence, while Ron’s face paled with the thought of having a child; they had only just gotten married–he had only just become a husband–and now he was going to become a dad, too?

Bill, recognizing the quiet panic in Ron’s eyes, quickly distracted him by starting a conversation about Quidditch.

Hermione snapped her book shut and reluctantly retreated upstairs to join the pregnancy conference.

Quidditch, however, did nothing to distract Ron. Images of crying babies and sleepless (shag-less) nights raced through his mind, like a golden snitch zipping around frantically; he was a keeper, not a seeker, after all.

“It’ll be all right,”said Harry.

“Yeah, you’ll make a great dad,” said Bill.

His father simply laughed lightly, saying, “It’s the Weasley’s genes. Even if she’s not pregnant now, it’s going to happen. And it’ll be the best thing to ever happen to you, trust me. I had that same look when your mum told me about Bill . . .” He stopped talking as Luna descended the stairs gracefully, Molly, Hermione, Fleur, and Ginny behind her.

Ron watched Luna carefully as she sat down next to him, her thigh pressing against his. Her face was unreadable: was that twinkle happiness or a sad tear?

“Er . . .” he began. “So, are you pregnant?”

She nodded.

“Is that a good thing?” he asked quietly.

“It means I’ll be giving birth to a life, and life is always a good thing, Ronald.”

“Yeah, yeah it is.” He breathed a sigh of relief, even though he wasn’t really sure if he was relieved. He certainly didn’t feel scared anymore, with Luna’s reassuring warmth next to him, and she certainly didn’t look or sound scared. If Luna was happy about it, then he figured he could be too. “I love you,” he said, partly because it seemed like the appropriate thing to say, but mostly because it was simply true.

“I love you too.”

He could feel the smiles of his family and friends, as he leaned in to kiss her. As he pulled back, he heard Ginny say, “You’re going to name her after me, right?

A contest for the baby’s namesake quickly followed.